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How to remove Grease Stains?

Cover the grease stain with the Mugi Liquid Detergent and rub it gently. Then, place your clothing into the washing machine and run it under the normal settings. Your clothing should be grease-free after a single wash.


Why should I choose liquid detergent?

Liquid detergent can give you great results. It provides both tough stain removal in 1 wash, while still being gentle on bright colours. While, with powder, you may need to compromise between stain removal and keeping colours bright.


Difference between Washing Powder and Liquid:

Liquid Detergent is pre-dissolved, so there’s less chance of residue.
• Liquid laundry detergent contains fewer chemicals than powder = better for the environment.
• You can pre-treat stains by pouring the liquid directly onto the fabric.

Think about how much you're washing (and how dirty your clothes are). Your detergent's instructions ask if you're washing a "normal," "medium," or "large" load, but what do those words really mean?
"A medium-sized or 'average' load is about six to seven pounds, and will fill your machine about three-quarters of the way," says Forte. "If you're washing clothes with a lot of stains, use a little more detergent. Fill your cap to the next line." If you have hard water, you'll also need a little more detergent.

Is Liquid Detergent Expensive?

Taking proper care of your clothes is important not just for them to look good and shiny but also for them to last longer. One can easily be overwhelmed with the number of detergents and fabric softener etc available in the market today.

We have talked at various places about the advantages of using liquid detergent and how it’s a better option than the powder detergents. That brings the following question to many, is liquid detergent more expensive than the powder detergents available in market?

The answer to this question is NO. Here is why;

The cheap powder detergent available in market are heavy on soda and other chemicals which are harmful for your clothes and should be avoided, using good quality powder detergents are in fact costlier than the good liquid detergent Mugi Liquid detergent (Mila ) Which is currently available with a special buy one get one offer at Rs 340 for (1Kg + 1Kg = 2Kg).

Purpose of Fabric Conditioner:

The purpose of fabric conditioner can be best understood by drawing parallels with hair wash using shampoo and conditioner. While the detergent cleans the fabric including the stains, fabric conditioner helps to preserve the fabric softness.

How to remove stains?

1. One of the most obvious advantages of using liquid detergents is that it can be used to pre-treat the stubborn stains. Pour a little liquid detergent directly on the stain and gently rub it. Make sure not to be too harsh while rubbing or that might harm the fabric.

2. Sometimes we all make the mistake of trying and removing the stains with hot water, but it actually depends on your fabric and the type of stains whether you should be using hot or cold water on the stains. For e.g. blood stains are better treated with cold water whereas gravy or oil stains should be treated with hot water.

3. Be careful while using the washing machines for stained clothes. Make sure you are not mixing whites and colored clothes, or they might end up getting stained.

4. Usually it’s advised not to dry your clothes in direct sunlight as it might harm the fabric especially the heavily treated stained areas.

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